Yosemite National Park: Recap

My time at Yosemite National Park was a whirlwind. Four days was not enough time to explore the park, but I imagine that a lifetime would not be enough time.

Half Dome at Sunset in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is probably one of the most talked about and photographed parks in our national park system, but there is something magical about it that can only be experienced when you see it in person. So go! As soon as you can!
Nighttime view of Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View

I’ve heard that lodging at Yosemite fills up months, maybe even a year, in advance. But I was able to reserve a tent cabin in Half Dome Village (formerly known as Curry Village) only a month before my trip. Staying in the park is definitely the way to go as Yosemite Valley is pretty remote and there aren’t a lot of other options nearby. Plus, the park is so popular that there is frequently a line of traffic trying to get in. Staying in the park lets you avoid the hassle and have the greatest playground imaginable only steps away.

The tent cabins are pretty bare bones, but the provide linens and towels. There are multiple bathroom and shower facilities throughout Half Dome Village along with a general store, a cafe, and a pizzeria.

Inside a tent cabin at Half Dome Village in Yosemite National Park Half Dome Village in Yosemite National Park

Leaving Yosemite was hard, but I’m so thankful for the memories I still have from my visit.

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