Yosemite National Park 2

Name a US National Park.

If you are like most Americans you probably named Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, or Yosemite – at least those are the Big 3 that have always come to mind for me. I couldn’t complete my #100by100 quest of seeing 100 National Parks before the Park Service turned 100 without visiting all of the Big 3. So I built the ultimate bleisure (business+leisure) trip and sandwiched a quick visit to Yosemite Valley between a business trip to Seattle and a conference in Las Vegas.

Hopefully I make my life of travel and adventure look like fun – because most of the time it is. But not always. Traveling can be exhausting and stressful. I was not having a good day when I set out for Yosemite. I’d gotten some bad news the night before and lots of other little stuff added up to put me in a bad mood. Here is my journey into the park:

And that’s the Power of Parks. The power to heal. To inspire. To create joy and wonder. The rest of the trip wasn’t completely smooth (no trip is), but I was humbled by my surroundings. Humbled by the Creator, the Crafter of the Mountains, and I needed those brief days to rest, relax, and be restored.

Upper Yosemite Falls is reflected in the Merced River on the Yosemite Valley floor.

Stay tuned for a trail guide to Yosemite coming soon. And lots more video!

Which parks are in your Big 3? Where do you go to rest, relax, and be restored?

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2 thoughts on “Yosemite National Park

  • The Road We've Traveled

    I happen to live about 10 minutes from Saguaro National Park and it’s a place I go often when I need some nature therapy. Of the parks that require more than a 10 minutes drive, my top 3 are Sequoia, Grand Teton, and Bryce Canyon. I just love how powerful time in nature is.

    • The Road Lots Traveled Post author

      Bryce is like no other park I’ve ever seen. I visited Grand Teton last summer and there will be a post on it soon. I haven’t visited Saguaro or Sequoia yet – I still have so much to see and explore! Keep adventuring!!