Walk Across Delaware

It’s now easier than ever to walk across an entire state.

In early 2017 Delaware and Maryland completed a 14.3 mile continuous trail network connecting Chesapeake City, Maryland and Delaware City, Delaware. The system includes the Branch Canal Trail, The Michael N. Castle Trail, and the Ben Cardin Trail. The entire length is paved and most of the journey runs parallel to the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal – a manmade waterway that connects the Delaware River with the Chesapeake Bay.

It doesn’t take much skill to make the statewide trek. It’s just walking in a straight line for miles. The trail is paved and easy to follow. In fact the hardest part of the journey was probably the logistics.

Getting Started

My friend Chelsea and I decided to park at the end of the trail – in Fort Delaware State Park in Delaware City, Delaware – and catch an Uber west to Maryland. The 25 minute ride dropped us off at the intersection of Lewis and Biddle Streets in Chesapeake City, Maryland. From there, it was a few steps towards the water and we were on the trail and beginning the long walk back to the car.

Michael Castle Trail in Delaware

Walk Across Delaware Begins

For the most part, a walk along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal is a peaceful stroll along the water, past old docks, and under bridges.

Dock in the Chesapeake and Delaware CanalUnder a bridge over the Chesapeake and Delaware CanalA bridge spans the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

Keep Walking

Many boats use the waterway to transfer from the ocean to the Chesapeake Bay and vice versa. Most were pleasure craft, but we saw a Coast Guard boat as well.

A small boat goes under a bridge in the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal A Coast Guard boat goes under a bridge in the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

The last 1.3 miles of the walk are through the town of Delaware City, Delaware. The excitment was building with every step through town. Not just because we knew the end was near and soon we could say that we had walked across a state, but also because we strategically parked the car across from Ice Cream Parlor!

Trail entering Delaware City, Delaware

The end of the walk across Delaware

Walk Across Delaware: Complete

6 hoursĀ  and approximately 32,000 steps and 15 miles after our first steps into Delaware we were standing in Fort Delaware State Park looking out at Delaware Bay!


Before you begin your Walk Across Delaware, check out the Delaware Greenways page for maps and more info. Pay careful attention through the Summit North Marina as this was the only place were it was difficult to keep track of the trail. First it runs parallel to a parking lot then down a slight grade into another parking lot. Keep walking to the edge of the water and turn right. Keep the water on your right. You’ll eventually go down another slight grade and be back at the canal.

Trail along Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

Which state should we walk across next? Put your suggestions in the comments or Tweet them to me via @valeriedperry. Will you join us on our next statewide walk?



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